Directing/Teaching Resume

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The truth is, I have been blessed with an accomplished acting career. I have worked on Broadway, in major motion pictures and on numerous TV shows. I have also directed many short films and started a production company with my husband. I am proud of these achievements and thank God for the opportunities I’ve had to do what I love. However, the love I have for acting and directing does not compare to how much I love teaching. The greatest pleasure for me as a teacher is to facilitate the person to reach their humanity. I want my clients to leave the room knowing their personal power as a base to communicate anything that a human is capable of experiencing.

I was specifically chosen by Margie Haber, whose celebrity clients include Brad Pitt, Halle Berry and Heather Locklear among many others, to be the East Coast representative of her world-famous acting studio and to teach her Cold Reading Technique. I have had the pleasure to teach students at The Actors Center, ACT, Actor's Connection, Howard University and Duke Ellington School of the Arts and conducted acting workshops at film festivals around the country. Another great joy in my teaching career was to serve as on-set acting coach during the second season of HBO’s “In Treatment.  

In addition to private coaching and workshops, I am the co-host and co-creator of Everything Acting Podcast so I can further reach out to and encourage artists. The mission of our Podcast is to inform, inspire and demystify the actor’s journey. With currently over 70,000 downloads every month from 25 countries, Everything Acting Podcast is the number one Podcast for acting in iTunes.

The passion, commitment and love of acting I offer to every student and client I work with has turned my job as a teacher/coach into something I call my practice. It’s not a job; it’s a joy.