Actors - Have you lost the fight? 🎭🎬πŸŽ₯πŸ˜βœ°πŸ’―

Actors - Have you lost the fight? 🎭🎬πŸŽ₯πŸ˜βœ°πŸ’―

I'm Roz Coleman and I've been fighting with and for actors for 25 years.
When I graduated Yale Drama School, I promised myself that I would be the last person standing.
This is my craft, this is what I want to do and no matter what this was a fight I was going to stay in.

That fight is what I bring to my classes. Especially my Advanced On Camera Acting Class.
When I started this class almost 10 years ago, it was simply a technique class.  
I saw that actors needed so much more.
These trained gifted actors were bruised and battered and defeated by all the rejection.
They were doubting their talent and their purpose. 
They had lost their passion
They had no plan.



Female - Black 35-45 to play a social worker

Male - White 45-50 to play a man down on his luck, (smoker or former smoker a plus)

This is a real campaign for the City of New York concerning housing for the homeless.

Non-Union - Pay - $2,000

Auditions - Thursday June 6, New York City - Local Hire Only

Call backs - Monday or Tuesday. June 10 or 11

Shoot June 13 or 14

parts CAST


The Real Deal on Reels - Workshop on Reels

The Real Deal on Reels - Workshop on Reels

Craig has produced, written, edited and cast over 100 film projects through his company Red Wall Productions. With his wife and partner Rosalyn Coleman Williams, they are currently in active pre-production with their feature film β€œHanging By A Thread" written and produced by Craig, directed by Rosalyn and Executive Produced by Academy Award winner Viola Davis. Craig is also on the faculty of the Atlantic Acting School where he teaches graduating actors preparing to enter the business.

CASTING - New York City

Sharing a casting from our friend: JENNIFER AJEMIAN CASTING


SAG & Non-union talent welcome to submit! NY based talent encouraged to apply. 

Open to talent in Philadelphia & Maryland (for lead roles only). Must be NY local hire if cast.

Click HERE for all the info. - parts cast

xoxo, Craig and Roz


A campaign to make New Yorkers aware of their health coverage options. This is an IMPORTANT campaign sponsored by the City of New York to reach under served communities.

Latinx - Must speak Spanish fluently
Latino Man - 40s
Latino Man - 25-30
Latina Woman - 40s
Latina Woman - 30s
Latino boy - 9-12 (non-speaking

Chinese - Must speak Cantonese or Mandarin fluently
Chinese Men - 25-40s
Chinese Girl - 15-24
Chinese Women - 25-30
Chinese Small child - boy or girl 3-6yrs (non-speaking)

Shoot Dates: TBD
Auditions: Thursday June 28 and Monday July 2 - New York City - Local Hire ONLY - NON-UNION

$750 If you are cast in the print ad
$1200 If you are cast in the print and video ad

Looking for entire families to submit, especially those with young children.

Send headshots and resumes subject: GetCoveredNYC - to:

Confidence. Craft. Career.

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Are you a talented actor having trouble making a splash in the industry? Are you feeling left behind? Is the digital age throwing you off your game? The business is changing rapidly and you need to be up to speed.

We're here to help!

We're in the audition rooms, in the development meetings, workshopping projects with filmmakers and on set.
You need knowledge to be empowered and we will empower you with knowledge.

You've taken the 1st step. Now take the next step. Click that button join our list because - YOU WANT IN!!

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Casting TV Series

Logline/ Short Synopsis: GINGER, A mysterious photographer called "la Diva" is having a creative block, so when she meets YOS, a Mexican youtuber visiting NYC in hopes of a career in fashion, the two decide to switch places, each pretending to be the other person.
Director: Emmanuel Sapo
Produced by Emmanuel Sapo, Xin Wang, Josh Shelton
Pay $125/Day
Production Dates: April 25-June 15 in New York City - Local Hire ONLY.

Human Rights - Print Campaign

New York City Human Rights Campaign

Auditions Monday - April 24 in midtown. Shoot April 27 in New York City (local hire only) 

Pay - $600

Please be advised, if cast you will be required to submit to a criminal background check.


Asian (Chinese, Japanese) Women 30-40

Send Headshots/Resume to (only) submissions sent to any other email address will not be considered.

Print and Video Casting NYC Well Campaign

If you have already submitted to this casting, PLEASE DO NOT submit again. We have your info.

This is a print ad and TV commercial campaign for the City of New York. Designed to bring awareness to the resources available for people dealing with anxiety, mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependence.

Seeking: Men and Women - Black, White, Hispanic - 45 and over - Senior citizens (65++)

LGBTQ - 30 - 50s.

If you in real life identify as Muslim - 45 and older.

AUDITIONS - Tuesday, March 28

Shooting April 3/4

Pay $1,000 flat fee - buy out. (non-union)