A campaign to make New Yorkers aware of their health coverage options. This is an IMPORTANT campaign sponsored by the City of New York to reach under served communities.

Latinx - Must speak Spanish fluently
Latino Man - 40s
Latino Man - 25-30
Latina Woman - 40s
Latina Woman - 30s
Latino boy - 9-12 (non-speaking

Chinese - Must speak Cantonese or Mandarin fluently
Chinese Men - 25-40s
Chinese Girl - 15-24
Chinese Women - 25-30
Chinese Small child - boy or girl 3-6yrs (non-speaking)

Shoot Dates: TBD
Auditions: Thursday June 28 and Monday July 2 - New York City - Local Hire ONLY - NON-UNION

$750 If you are cast in the print ad
$1200 If you are cast in the print and video ad

Looking for entire families to submit, especially those with young children.

Send headshots and resumes subject: GetCoveredNYC - to:

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