An affirmation

Hiya Roz,

Hope you are well. Just wanted to quickly share this with you.

I was at the below workshop tonight:

Preparing for PILOT SEASON

With Eric Goldberg, Casting Director, CBS-TV Primetime/Pilot Season
Jim Daly, Agent, Bloc NYC
Ashley Williams, Agent, Professional Artists Unlimited

Hosted by Reproductions
Moderated by Tony Nation, President/Partner, Actors Connection

And as always someone asks about training and coaching, its a given. Without hesitation Tony says
"Rosalyn Coleman" is the coach /teacher to work with. Lot's of head nodding and recognition from the crowd.
He then goes on to say your understudying Ms. Bassett on Broadway's The Mountaintop. Your class at Actor's
Connection, In Treatment, a mini revue of your career highlights.

It was pretty awesome! Keep doing what your doing Ms. Roz! Oh, so proud~

Always grateful,