Casting Series


Created by Damian Bailey

Red Wall Productions 

is seeking talent for the series



Starring Damian Bailey

Written by Craig T. Williams and Damian Bailey

Directed by Rosalyn Coleman Williams. 

Shooting begins mid March.

Sex addicted, complex detective Marc Justice, searches for the killer of his wife.


ROSA – No nonsense, by the book kinda cop with a maternal bent. She is fit and sexy. Can look great in pants and a blazer by day, and is just as comfortable in a tight red dress at night. Years of fending off not so subtle sexism have made her the least favorite cop at the precinct. Justice's partner, on the job they are a well oiled machine. Off the job things between them get messy. (MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMULATED SEX - NO NUDITY) Female Latina or Asian 30-35 (CAST)

NOLA – A fragile bird, with a steel gaze. Sassy and street wise, her dreams of stardom have given way to the quick fix of dangerous men and even more dangerous drugs.  She holds the key to Justice finding the killer of his wife. (CAST)

KARA - Owner of an outside the norm brothel. She's a smart business woman and her business is depravity.  If you can dream it, she'll do it. Her threshold for kinky is high and Justice is a regular. (MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMULATED SEX - NO NUDITY) Female - Any ethnicity 25-30 (CAST)

JADE - A feisty practical around the way girl. Wise beyond her years, she provides the calm safe haven for Justice. The long suffering mistress, she wants more from Justice. And is at the point where she'll do what she has to do to make him hers. (MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SIMULATED SEX - NO NUDITY)  Female - African American 25-30 (CAST)

LIEUTENANT GINA CALABRESE – Bold, sharp. Newly promoted to her position and out to prove herself. There's only one way to do it, her way. Female - Any Ethnicity 40-50 (CAST)

DAVICH - A bruising henchman with a thick European accent. He hurts people for a living. Scars from many battles. Male - White 30's -40's (CAST)



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Auditions February 29, 2012 - by appointment only.