Casting short film "TWINKLE"

As Allison struggles to find the strength to continue her battle with breast cancer,  she finds herself torn between two worlds. With a nudge from her best friend Bridgette, Allison rediscovers the one person able to guide her to the next adventure.

Finding courage can sometimes take a little imagination.

Directed by Rosalyn Coleman Williams

AUDITION  - May 8, 2012

Shoot dates May 30 - June 1, 2012

SAG - Pay!


ALLISON, 30's, Caucasian Woman, Breast Cancer Survivor - CAST

BRIDGETTE, mid 30s, Caucasian Woman, kind efficient and very pregnant - CAST

TWINKLE, an African-American Woman, mid 30s, assured and vibrant - CAST

DR. STROMER, a warm, confident, elegant woman in her late 40's

JANET, late 30’s African-American, fierce and funny, Breast Cancer Survivor

CAITER WAITER MAN, 40s-50s, charming and handsome

ROBUST WOMAN, 20s, beautiful, stacked and intriguing

CONCERNED WOMAN GUEST, 30s, empathetic and sincere

YOUNG ALLISON, 6, Caucasian- American, prim and precocious

YOUNG TWINKLE, 6, African-American, protective, smart and funny

YOUNG BRIDGETTE, 6, Caucasian-American, shy and sweet, open

EMILY, 7, Caucasian American, sweet and wise beyond her years

GRACE , 7,  Asian American, energetic and excited



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