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Nigerian Girl Loses Her Virginity, Ngozi Anayawu

Let's talk about a great play that I just saw. It was called Good Grief written by Ngozi Anyanwu. Produced by her beautiful sister Chichi, directed by Russell G Jones.

It was the sexual coming of age of a young African woman living in all-white neighborhood in upstate New York. In the first scene her best friend, childhood playmate and almost boyfriend (yes all in the same person) dies.

I could relate to play more than I like to admit. I too experienced the late coming-of-age like the main character. I also had times when I was in all-white environment and had the mixed signals and attention of white boys loving me on the down low. And tragically I lost a friend in high school in a car accident.

Her name was Carrie Blair. I had no idea how to mourn at the time. Carrie was a wild fun sweet big hearted cool girl who taught me how to use a tampon (before I had jump on a trampoline gym class). She was blonde and big busted and my mother didn't like her at all.

For the record Carrie Blair was bad ass great chick who could have been notorious but for some stupid teenage driving mistake.

Thank you Ngozi for helping me remember my friend and my mother's love, who at the time of Carrie's passing, helped me. Now I recall her coming with me to the memorial service and being really gentle with me.

I think the play Ngozi wrote is so specific in character voices, world, and time that it is universal.

My favorite scene was between the mother and father from Nigeria when Ngozi's character is crying in the background and they begin to tease each other about how they grieved over their losses. It was the mix of tragedy and comedy that the great stage director Lloyd Richards used to talk about when we were rehearsing the Piano Lesson. Perfection. Recognizable. Truly "Good Grief."

Finally her play reminds me a lot of the movie Cooley High. I would love to direct Good Grief as a feature film. (I'm just saying. )

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Inspired By A Pink Hat...

Inspired By A Pink Hat...
  • I believe in the magic of the muse.  
  • I believe the teacher learns from from the students.
  • I believe joy in it's purest form is priceless (Julia Robert's much is it worth?) 
  • I believe that craft plus freedom of expression equals art, which puts us in such a state that when witnessed by an audience, together we breathe heaven's air.

The Thanksgiving Post. A Long Time Coming.


This post is about my work, people I work with and for, my life and how thankful I am for all of it. 

It's all mixed up together. my family, my work, and my life reflect each other. Together they equal my art my reason for living, my calling.  

A few months ago my husband told me I had to stop working on a project. Essentially he fired me.

It felt like a punch in the stomach. I didn't know what to do which way to go. Why to wake  up in the morning. You see to me a story untold, unfinished,  unborn is like a stillbirth. It's like that raisin in the sun that Lorraine Hansberry lamented. Does it explode?  No it rots inside and that's far worse. 

When I don't get to finish a project that I start (which has only happened to me once before) it feels like I've been dumped. Fired. Broken up with in the most humiliating of ways.  Publicly disregarded. Rejected.  A dangerous tailspin of deep depression is something that a responsible mother, wife, cannot afford to risk. 

After much talk I saw that perhaps the husband was right and we should leave the project unfinished.  But where did that leave me? 

Looking very lost.     

Looking very lost. 

I was lost. LOST. 

So I went on a quest to find out what we should do next.  

And this is why I am thankful for my work and my clients because that is what got me through a very long period of not knowing.

I wanted to take some time off a sabbatical. A trip to nowhere. To stop and think. To meditate. Stretch, fast and renew. But that was a fantasy. And unrealistic one at that. I'm not Alice Walker, I'm Roz Coleman. I don't have a MacArthur Genius Grant.  

I didn't stop. I slowed down. 

What I did was take a class.  And then another. I had already committed to doing a play and teaching a new acting class at NYU and continuing at SUNY Purchase.  Other than that my husband supported my time to learn, listen, and not know.  New clients and acting opportunities kept creeping into my life and I saw them as my teachers as my guides through this time. 

The quote that culminated this time came last week while I was on set coaching a creative genius. Let's call him Prince (As in the artist who made Purple Rain) because I don't want to disclose his name but he is a director, actor, artist, musician on that level.  As I observed him step into his greatness, using his own body as a canvas for his work. He was playing with his food between takes on set. The actress who is acting opposite him, who although is more experienced in acting is admittedly not as free as he is, jokingly said to him "don't play with your food."  He replied in a serious tone "why everything in life is meant to be played with."

Full stop. 

Happy Thanksgiving.



The work of the students.

More to come...

To All The Dreamers.... An Artist is Born

Meet my Niece Olivia Douglas.   

This is her speech from 8th grade graduation.  She's such an inspiration to me.

What's your story?  WHy do you do what you do?  When did you discover your passion?  Share your spark story.  


Here is Olivias... 

Power Of Creation. A Preview Of Ilona Siac

In my new class, this is where I want my clients to get to: figuring out what they want to do, what they are compelled to do, and actually doing it. I directed this and helped created the material.  Craig wrote it. It's just a sneak peak.  There's more.

Meet Ilona Siac.  

Thankful On Mother's Day

We mother/artists have a full plate, take today to celebrate & say thank you for this sacred opportunity to create & to mother. We don't, can't, and aren't alone in this. I know I am not. Couldn't do it without my baby daddy and a host of family, and friends. For them I am so thankful.

Happy Mother's Day To All