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Indian American actress for the role below. Auditions are April 4. Shoot is April 9 or 10.

Non-union - Pay $50

 A Web Series called Keep Me Posted. Here's the logline: Three childhood best friends stay in near-constant contact via texts and social media as they help each other stumble towards adulthood. But when their lives take off in different directions, the technology that used to keep them close begins to create distance, and they’re faced with the question - is there really a such thing as “friends forever?”


Kavita, mid-20s - (Indian American) Bubbly and social, Kavita’s the kind of person who can makes anyone she meets feel like they’re talking to an old friend. Usually. But she couldn’t land a job after grad school, and moving back into her parents’ home in the suburbs plunged her into a funk. When she finally lands a job and moves in with her best friend, she’s dismayed to find that having the perfectly crafted life doesn’t chase away the gloom, and she’s confronted with the fact that her temporary ‘funk,’ may actually be something more. - contact - Hillary Nussbaum -

Casting for our final Real Mommy Confessions shoot for season 2.

Mom: mid 40s - any ethnicity

Tween Boy: 11-13 any ethnicity - must be comfortable in front of a camera but able to act shy and timid.

Baby: 6months - 1 year old.

SAG New Media Contract but will consider Non-Union for children.


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