Laughing Just Thinking About Jeff as Clark....

So I got this is my email.  :-).  A great way to start of the weekend.  ROZ

I just finished shooting a video audition with Roz, and can I tell you, it was AWESOME! The sound, video and lighting quality were all great, but what was really awesome was that Roz coached me to a much much greater performance than I could have had on my own, AND I LEARNED some really great acting lessons along the way! It was an enormous advantage having an actress/teacher/director as talented as her helping you during your audition! And on top of everything else, Roz made the entire process so much fun and exciting—how often can you say THAT after an audition? I highly recommend her services—it was worth every penny for me.

Thanks so much Roz! And nice to meet you Craig!
— Jeff Kim

Weddings American Style-Series


By Craig T. Williams & Rosalyn Coleman Williams


Downsized from her job, a celebrated photojournalist turns to wedding videography to make ends meet. A surprise proposal from her long distance beau forces her to confront her own fears about happily ever after as she marches closer and closer to her wedding day.


Pilot script available.