Husband & Business Partner? Top 6 Ways To Make It Work

Before Step 1.  Marry a really nice guy who loves your dirty drawers.  Loves the Lord like you do. Who is quick to forgive and willing to apologize, a man who loves to see you happy. A man who is comfortable in his own skin. Marry that guy.  And choose to love him daily.  Love is a choice. A verb. Do it. 

It Takes A Villiage Roz & Craig Wedding .jpeg

12 years ago today I married my husband. I had no idea that we would make a business together. Newsflash - When your husband becomes your business partner you will be spending a lot of time together. People see that and wonder.

A FAQ that I get is how do you work with a husband who is business partner? My normal response is I don’t know. If I had gun to my head or better yet there was 1 million dollars on the line, I would give it a more thoughtful answer.

So after thinking about it, here are my top 6 responses. I found that they are the same reasons I married him.

  1. We are big believers in each other’s talent. When I read one of my husband scripts I am truly awestruck by how talented he is. And it doesn’t hurt that he writes strong central female characters. Inspired by yours truly.
  2. He makes me a better person because overall we are stronger as a couple than I was as an individual. His strengths compliment my weaknesses. For instance generosity. Craig is always giving money to other people’s film projects. I am very stingy.
  3. I really trust him. Like with my life. He has gotten us out of some sticky situations. He knows how to walk away from a fight. And when not to.
  4. We agree that partnership is a 100/100 effort (not the more popular 50/50), we fall short and we don’t keep score.
  5. Compatibility. We are able to travel together peacefully. It’s a you and me against the world kind of thing with us. We are committed to being each other’s soft place to fall. This is crucial when we work together on set.
  6. One more. He is an optimist and I am a cautious person. It seems to be the right level of risk taking for our creative lifestyle business. And he's always willing to learn more, to grow and so am I.
Love Roz