Write What You Know? Bite Me!!

Write What You Know - Bite Me!

“Write what you know.”  Writers hear it over and over and over again. And if you’re a new writer it’s probably the most frustrating thing you’ll ever hear.

Write what you know implies that you have to be living or have lived a spectacularly exciting, tragic or privileged life.  Write what you know implies that if you aren’t a mass murderer (Silence of the Lambs) , a swash buckling billionaire (Ironman) or a hooker with a heart of gold (Pretty Woman) that you aren’t capable of writing a compelling screenplay.

Let me suggest to you to instead WRITE THE FEELINGS YOU KNOW!

Have you ever known real disappointment, love, jealously or crippling fear? These are the feeling that will unearth the story that lies with in you.  

Can you remember your teenage years where you felt misunderstood and isolated? That could be Napoleon Dynamite or Carrie or American Pie.

Looking for love in your life? That could be 40 Year Old Virgin, Bridget Jones Diary or 500 Days of Summer.

Ever felt like a stranger adjusting to new surroundings? That could be E.T. or Shawshank Redemption or Austin Powers.

Think about your favorite movies and remember what emotions were brought up when you saw them. THAT IS WHAT WE WRITE!!

What emotions do you want to explore? Share them with me and I’ll give you some examples.

Happy Writing!!